Reclaim and disposal of refrigerant from Air Conditioners and Refrigeration Plant

We offer a comprehensive refrigerant reclaim and disposal service, this process is more commonly known as de-gassing.

We have a large variety of reclaim equipment and refrigerant reclaim cylinders from the smallest 9 kg cylinder right up to 1 Tonne drums for the largest refrigerant reclaim procedures.

The types of systems that we reclaim and dispose of refrigerant from are:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigeration units and cold stores
  • Rooftop Water Chillers
  • Fridges, freezers and retail refrigerated display units
  • refrigeration plant containing Ammonia
Refrigerant reclaim

Refrigerants commonly dealt with are:



R 12






Refrigerant reclaim

These are an indication of the most common types of refrigerant that will be commonly found in use, there are, of course many more, we are able to deal will all types of refrigerant, please call for advice and help on your refrigerant reclaim requirements.

In recent months the cost of the disposal of reclaimed refrigerant gas has increased considerably, this is on the most part because of the implementation of the phase out of the now banned R22 refrigerant gas, to counter act these high costs, we have secured a contract with one of the worlds leading refrigerant disposal companies for disposal at rates that other companies cannot compete with, we are confident that we can offer the most competetive prices for de gassing in the country.

With the the phase out of R404 A R407 C and R410A Refrigerants approaching rapidly in 2020, companies should be thinking now about replacing refrigerants with compliant repalcements, we can quote for the removal and disposal of all refrigerants, please give us a call for advice on the up coming phase out of HFC refrigerants.

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Our services at a glance

  • Purchase of redunadant Air Conditioners
  • Reclaim and disposal of refrigerant (Degassing)
  • Reclaim and disposal of Ammonia from refrigeration plant
  • Reclaim and disposal of fire suppressant systems and cylinders containing Halon, FM 200, Argonite, CO2, Inergen.
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